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Architectural Review


The Declaration of Covenants requires that you submit to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for approval all proposed exterior additions or alterations to the exterior of your house and lot. In order to be considered by the Architectural Review Committee, your application must include detailed information describing the proposed change.  Typically this includes plans and specifications including sketches, photos, catalog illustrations, etc. showing the nature, kind, shape, color, dimensions, and materials.  A copy of the plat survey with the location marked is typically required as well.  


ARC Process


1. Submit an ARC application with all necessary materials.  

2. Architectural Review Commitee will review application.

3. Management company will inform you of the status:  approved, denied, or more information required.

4. If approved, obtain county permits (if necessary).  Work must commence within 6 months and be complete within 1 year.

5. If denied, you may appeal the decision to the Board of Directors.  Contact the management company to schedule an appeal. 


Applications will be processed promptly in the order they are received. Starting work prior to receiving ARC approval may result in fines of up to $25 per day.



New Applications


ARC applications can now be made online!  (Note: not available for mobile clients.)






Existing Applications


Please contact the management company to check on the status of an existing application.  




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