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Application Instructions


Complete all fields in the application on the left.  Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required.


Based on the type of change, you will be presented with a checklist of required materials to submit. Check each item to be submitted. Documents can be uploaded with the application or mailed/faxed to the management company. 


Most items require drawing the proposed modification on your plat, which was provided with your resale packet.  An example plat can be viewed here.


Major additions and modifications require architectural blueprints.  More information can be found here.


By submitting the application you agree to the following:



1. Approval by the Committee shall in no way be construed as to pass judgment on the correctness of the location, structural design, suitability of water flow or drainage, location of utilities, or other qualities of the proposed change being reviewed.


2. Approval by the Committee shall in no way be construed as to pass judgment on whether the proposed change being reviewed is in compliance with the applicable building and zoning codes of the county in which the property is located.


3. Approval of any particular plans and specifications or design shall not be construed as a waiver of the right of the ARC to disapprove such plans and specifications, or any elements or features thereof, in the event such plans are subsequently submitted for use in any other application instance.


4. No work on the proposed change shall begin until written approval of the Committee has been received by me. If work is begun prior to approval, I may be subject to a fine, I may be required to return the property to its former condition at my own expense if this application is disapproved wholly or in part, and I may be required to pay all legal expenses incurred.


5. There shall be no deviations from the plans, specifications, and location approved by the Committee without prior written consent of the Committee; any variation from the original application must be resubmitted for approval.


6. I authorize members of the Committee to enter upon my Property to make one or more routine inspection(s).


7. Construction or alterations in accordance with the approved plans and specifications must commence within 6 months of the approved date of this application and be completed within 12 months of the approved date, otherwise the approval by the Committee shall be deemed conclusively to have lapsed and to have been withdrawn.


8. It is my responsibility and obligation to obtain all required building permits, to contact Miss Utility, and to construct the improvements in a workmanlike manner in conformance with all applicable building and zoning codes.


9. I am responsible for any damage and all cost to repair greenspace or community property that results from the proposed modification. 




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