Frequently asked questions

Roads & Sidewalks

Who maintains the roads in the community?

Montgomery County maintains the roads and plows the snow.

Who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalks?

Montgomery County maintains the sidewalks. Call 311 to report a cracked or heaved sidewalk. Homeowners are responsible for removing snow from sidewalks and driveway apron along with mowing the grass in the strip between the street and the sidewalk encompassing their property boundaries.

Can the HOA regulate driving and parking on the streets?

No, the HOA has no authority over county streets. Contact Montgomery County Police for traffic enforcement. The HOA does ask residents to be considerate and avoid blocking driveways, sidewalks, and mailboxes when parking.

To whom do I report a broken or burned out street light?

To report a defective streetlight use the following site:

How do I handle wind damage issues after a storm?

Street Light Poles Potomac Edison 1-888-544-4877 Tree's, branches blocking road, sidewalks or paths IKO Property Management 301-924-4050 NOTE: Trees and branches down on homeowners property are their responsiblity.

Neighborhood Community

Does the HOA provide curbside trash pickup?

Yes. Trash is collected by J&J Trash Service on Wednesday and Saturdays except on the following holidays; New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. J&J will provide bulk collection on saturdays for non-construction items. Please call J&J at 1-800-465-2350 to arrange for bulk pick-up. J&J can also provide large, 95 gallon covered cans with wheels for a small charge billed directly to the resident.

What about recycling?

Montgomery County provides recycling pickup at the curb on Wednesdays, except on government holidays prior to Wednesday when pickup will be the next day.

Where do I report a problem with community amenities or common areas?

Direct all comments and questions to the Management office. The office will take action and forward to the Board of Directors as appropriate.

What can I do if I notice another homeowner's properry isn't being maintained?

Report it to the management company.

What can I do about noisy or obnoxious activity?

Montgomery County regulates the amount of noise during the day, and restrict noise even further at night (9pm-7am weekdays, 9pm-9am weekends and holidays). For more information, or to file a complaint, visit: Distrurbances can also be reported to Montgomery County Police, neither the management Company of the Board of Directors has any authority over these situations.

Where do I report suspicious activity?

Report to Montgomery County Police Emergency 911 Non-Emergency dial (301) 279-8000 Within the county park (walking trails and Waters House), you can also contact Maryland National Capital Park Police, non-emergency dial (301) 949-8010

Who can use the tennis courts, basketball courts and playgrounds?

Use of community anemities are only for residents and their guests.


How do I pay my HOA dues?

Payments can be made in different ways: 1. Pay by check. make checks payable to the Milestone Homeowners Association. Mail checks to the address on your coupon. If you do not have your coupon, checks can be sent to IKO Community Management, 3416 Olandwood Ct. Suite 210, Olney, Md. 20832. 2. One time or recurring payments made online through Mutual of Omaha. Both electronic fund transfer (echeck) and credit cards are accepted. Instructions for recurring payments are defined under the Documents section of the website.

When are assessments due?

Assessments are due the at the beginning of the month. If a payment is not received by the 15th day of the month, a late fee is assessed. Homeowners who pay the full yearly assessment by the 15th of January receive a discount.

What are the assessments used for?

The Board of Directors maintains a budget to pay the Management company, trash removal service, landscaping of common areas, snow removal on common sidewalks, operation and maintenance of the community pool, storm water management ponds, general maintenance and upkeep, tennis courts, playgrounds and paths. The current budget is mailed to all homeowners annually and can be requested by contacting the management office.

How do I cancel my automatic payment through the Association's bank, Mutual of Omaha?

Access either of the below listed websites: or Log onto your account by entering your log=in and password credentials.

Covenants & Architectural Change

What's the process for changing something on my property?

You need approval to make changes to the exterior of your house or property, including additions, decks, fences, sheds, pools and lanscaping. Submit an Architectural change request, which can be found on this website under the tab ARC. The Architectural Review committee (ARC) will review and either approve or dent based on the precedents and covenants of the neighborhood. Note that some changes such as additions, sheds and fences require you to obtain a Montgomery County building permit. You must abide by all required building setbacks.

What if my achitectural request is denied?

First, discuss the reason with the management company. If an agreement cannot be reached, you may appeal the decision to the Board of Directors and shall be entitled a hearing before the board. A two-thirds (2/3) vote shall be required to reverse the decision.

I'm not happy with the Covenants, is there a way to change them?

First, each prospective homeowner is provided a copy of the governing documents for review prior to final commitment of a home purchase. Purchasing the property indicates that the buyer is aware and will abide by the Covenants. A Covenant can be changed, but it is not an easy process. The recommended change would be submitted to the Board for review, placed on the annual ballot and then would need a passing vote by at least two-thirds (2/3) of the community.

Why must Covenants be enforced?

The Covenants were established prior to the development of the community and are the ruling documents of the Community. The Covenants ensure that the Community remains a great place to live and property values do not decline.

Board of Directors

What is the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors are volunteers from the community, elected to two year terms, that determine the HOA budget, make decisions on community issues, and conduct hearings for homeowner request and violations.

When does the Board meet?

Typically the Board meets the first Monday of the month at Gibbs Elementary School, Media Room. The Board may elect to suspend meetings in December and August. Homeowners are welcome at all Board meetings. The annual meeting is conducted in November.

Do Board members get paid?

Board members are not paid, they re volunteers.

How can I participate on the Board or in the community?

You can attend Board meetings to get a feel for what is done and then if interested you can run for election to the Board during the annual November meeting or serve on one of established committees.